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Shipping Ports/Docks

Shipping port and dock workers are regularly exposed to potentially hazardous conditions due to a high-risk work environment. Employers are responsible for providing maritime workers with the safest possible work environment despite these ongoing risks. Minimizing these risks requires employers to provide workers with adequate resources, including sufficient training, equipment, and proper management. Shipping port and dock workers who are injured due to employer negligence have a legal right to sue for damages.

Maritime workers are at risk of serious, life-changing injuries when accidents, including machinery failure, falls, explosions, and various other disasters occur. These accidents are especially frustrating because the majority of them could have been prevented if employers upheld their responsibilities.

Workers who are injured in shipping port and dock accidents have a right to seek compensation. Allow a maritime personal injury lawyer to help you navigate these legal processes to ensure that you receive all that you are rightfully owed.

Willie D. Powells III has helped hundreds of injured maritime workers in Houston, and throughout Texas, fight for their rights. Reach out to Willie D. Powells III immediately if you have been injured in a shipping port or dock accident.



Texas Ports are used for a wide range of commercial boating operations. There are several types of ports located along the Gulf Coast of Texas, including commercial fishing ports, cruise line ports, and ports for importing and exporting goods. These Ports are highly profitable and represent a quarter of the state’s gross domestic product (GPD).



Have you or a loved one been hurting on a Louisiana port, on the dock, or at sea? Jobs in the maritime industry are always in high demand in Louisiana. In fact, Louisiana ports have provided jobs to over half a million workers throughout the state. There are numerous employment opportunities available in the maritime industry, including repairmen, cargo loaders, pier workers, deckhands, crewmen, and workers who perform other ship-related tasks.

Maritime Injury Lawyer

Maritime Injury Lawyer

A maritime injury lawyer represents workers who are hurt in shipping ports, docks, and on water vessels at sea. Maritime personal injury laws are complex and include numerous acts that protect all workers. Each of these acts provides various types of compensation that is based on the injured worker’s job description and additional circumstances in the case.

Maritime Injury Lawyers Represent Injured:

  • Shipping Port/Dock Workers
  • Crew Members
  • Maintenance Team Members
  • Mechanics
  • Offshore Workers
  • Other Workers Who Contribute to Ship Operations

Seamen and crew members are generally protected under the Jones Act. Shipping port and dock workers are guaranteed legal protection under a different maritime provision known as the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

Personal injury lawyers do not agree to work for a client unless they truly believe that they will win. Your lawyer may utilize several legal strategies and resources to fight back against your employer and the insurance company.

Maritime Injury Lawyer

An experienced maritime attorney will have access to advanced technology and resources to perform a thorough investigation. These investigations often reveal evidence that is critical to winning worksite personal injury cases.

A maritime personal injury lawyer is dedicated to helping you gather evidence to fight your case. This may include medical bills, employer statements, photos, etc. Be sure to send your lawyer any and all evidence involved in your case.

Your personal injury attorney will compose and deliver documents to your employer and the insurance company demanding due compensation. These threatening letters are simply informative, cite the facts of your injury, and will include case detail, including the amount of damages that are due.

A maritime lawyer will handle the proceeding with the insurance company and work to negotiate a fair deal. A reputable attorney should be willing and equipped to fight back if no fair agreement can be reached.

Maritime Injuries at Ports/Docks

There are various potential accidents that may occur in shipping ports and on docks. These accidents can result in numerous physical, emotional, and financial damages.

  • Burns
  • Broken Bones
  • Crushing Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Back Injuries
  • Permanent Disability
  • Fatalities

Your employer’s medical team may attempt to downplay the severity of your injuries. This negligence could be catastrophic in cases involving head/neck trauma. Your employer may also try to shift blame for the accident. Report any accidents are required but do not sign any documentation. Seek medical care from an outside professional as soon as possible.

Dock and shipping workers utilize numerous tools and pieces of heavy machinery to perform their job-related tasks. The result can be catastrophic when these pieces of heavy equipment fail.

In August of 2022, a crane collapsed and seriously injured multiple pier workers. One worker is still missing as a result of the disaster.

Water vessels contain numerous flammable chemicals and substances creating an ongoing threat of fires and explosions. In August of 2022, a boatyard worker was severely injured when a gasoline leak resulted in a massive explosion.

Slips and falls are common accidents in shipping ports and dock areas. These incidents are usually a result of poor maintenance, for example, slippery floors.

These accidents may result in broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), head/neck injuries, and other damages that could result in permanent disability or wrongful death.

Shipping port warehouses are a common location for a multitude of potential workplace accidents. These areas are overcrowded with workers, cargo, and heavy machinery.

Collisions between heavy machinery, including fork trucks, tow tractors, etc. can leave workers with serious injuries. Warehouse workers could also suffer from crushing injuries when cargo is improperly stored.

Compensation a Maritime Lawyer Help You Get

Compensation a Maritime Lawyer Help You Get

You have rights under maritime law if you have been injured in a shipping port or dock accident. Your maritime personal injury attorney will fight to prove that employer negligence contributed to your injury.

Maritime Employer Negligence

Employer negligence is the primary cause of the majority of shore maritime accidents. Employers are required to provide employees with the safety knowledge, tools, and resources to perform job-related tasks safely and effectively.

There are various forms of employer negligence that may play a role in accidents, including:

  • Failure to Comply with OSHA Regulations
  • Poor Worksite Management
  • Insufficient Training
  • Lack of Personal Protective Gear

Failure to maintain regular inspections, repairs, and to properly maintain machinery is a prominent element in many dock and shipping port accidents.

The unique circumstances in your case will determine the specific monetary amount and type of compensation that is due.

Maritime Compensation May Include:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Future Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Punitive Damages

Eligible family members are also legally entitled to seek compensation if the wrongful death of a loved one occurs on a dock or shipping port.

Contact a Texas Maritime Injury Lawyer

Contact a Texas maritime personal injury lawyer for help navigating the complex claims process. Dock and shipping port injuries can result in lingering physical, mental, and financial damages. Do not handle these issues alone.

You deserve a compassionate lawyer who is experienced in maritime law and willing to pursue maximum compensation. Willie D. Powells III is happy to help you gather evidence and will fight the big insurance companies on your behalf.

Willie D. Powells III is Houston’s choice for experienced and knowledgeable representation in work-related injury cases. He was voted 2020 litigator of the year by the American Institute of Trial Lawyers.

Willie D. Powells III has helped hundreds of injured workers, cruise ship passengers, and other clients obtain rightful compensation.

Contact Willie D. Powells today for help starting or appealing your case. Reach out even if you have already accepted an offer from the insurance company. There may be more compensation that is due for your injuries. Call 281-881-2457 or visit online to schedule a free consultation or case review.

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