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Port of Brownsville

The Port of Brownsville is a major source of economic wealth for the State of Texas and the US Government. The port has also contributed over 51,000 jobs for workers in the maritime industry.

Workers in the maritime industry perform strenuous labor in a high-risk environment. All maritime workers, including those on the ship and onshore, are at a significantly higher risk of being hurt on the job than any in other industries.

Employers are responsible for minimizing these risks to ensure workers are not subjected to preventable dangers. Negligence on behalf of the employer and failure to meet these responsibilities are major factors in nearly all maritime personal injury cases.

There are specific laws and provisions that provide legal protection for all Brownsville maritime workers. These laws were developed exclusively for workers who are injured on ships, while stationary and at sea. There are also laws that exclusively protect workers who are injured in port cargo, pier, and dock areas.

Maritime laws are complex, and you will need to determine which specific laws are related to your case. Contact a maritime personal injury lawyer immediately if you or a loved one have been injured near the Brownsville port.

Willie D. Powell III understands the physical, emotional, and financial damages that result from a worksite injury. Do not handle these stressors alone. Reach out to Willie D. Powells today for help getting the compensation that you are due for your injuries.

About the Port of Brownsville

The Port of Brownsville is a seaport located in southern Texas. This massive port compasses over 40,000 acres of land. It is the only Deepwater port on the US-Mexican border with a depth of up to 42 ft.

The port is highly frequented due to its immense depth. The depth of the channel allows larger ships to pass through. The Port of Brownsville is currently in the development of a project to further increase the depth of the channel by 10 more feet. Once completed, the channel will feature an astounding depth of 52 feet.

The Port of Brownsville has been awarded recognition as one of the 3 Foreign Trade Zones and the largest public port authority in the United States.

  • Asphalt
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Dry Bulk Commodities
  • Steel Products

The Port of Brownsville features over 3 million sq. feet of open storage and 1 million sq. ft. of covered storage. The port offers 13 cargo docks and 6 liquid cargo docks available.

Accidents at the Port of Brownsville

Maritime workers are at a significantly higher risk of suffering from an on-the-job illness or injury than most other industries. A wide range of potential accidents could occur due to heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and other environmental hazards that exist.

Water vessels carry dangerous chemicals, gasoline, and flammable waste. These conditions, combined with human error and mechanical breakdown, significantly increase the likelihood of a fire or explosion.

Crewmembers are at a significantly higher risk of contracting illnesses due to close quarters and poor hygienic standards. Serious bacterial and viral illnesses can result from poor worksite cleanliness standards, failure to enforce hygiene policies, or lack of personal protective equipment.

There are a wide range of disasters that can occur on the dock, warehouse, and at sea. These catastrophic accidents can leave victims with debilitating injuries and in many cases may be fatal.

Examples of Catastrophic Accidents Include:

  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Overboard Accidents
  • Stranded at Sea
  • Crushing Injuries
  • Falls from Heights

Survivors of these catastrophic accidents are often mistreated by their employers. Your employer and worksite medical team will do anything to protect the company, including refusing to take the blame for your injury-causing accident.

Employers will try to convince injured workers to admit fault and sign liability waivers to shift responsibility. This is unethical and disgusting behavior.

Do not sign any forms or agree to any recorded conversations if you have been injured in a maritime accident.

Human error is the most common cause of accidents that occur on ship vessels, warehouses, and dock areas. These human errors are often a result of understaffing, exhaustion, poor training, lack of management, etc. The root cause of most maritime personal injury cases is directly related to employer negligence.

This is because maritime employers and ship operators are legally required to minimize the risks associated with hazardous work.

Legal Rights for Brownsville Maritime Workers

Maritime workers who are injured at the Brownsville port are entitled to specific legal rights. There are maritime legal acts to protect all workers, including crewmen, cargo loaders, pier workers, ship mechanics, etc.

Right to Sue for Employer Negligence

Employers hold some degree of responsibility when employee injuries occur on the job. Maritime workers have a right to sue their employer when these accidents occur. Any degree of contributing to the accident, even minorly, places liability on the employer. A maritime personal injury attorney can review the circumstances in your case to determine which forms of negligence are applicable.

Crewmembers are granted an automatic right to maintenance and cure, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the accident. Maintenance and cure provides injured workers with medical care and daily living expenses until they reach a state of maximum medical improvement.

Injured maritime workers have a right to receive compensation when employer negligence causes an injury. The amounts for compensation vary based on the circumstances of the accident. However, the majority of maritime workers are entitled to payment for medical treatment and rehabilitation. You should also receive a percentage of their wages for the entirety of the medical recovery process.

Additional compensation may include compensation for loss of earnings capacity, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

Surviving relatives have a right to seek compensation when their loved one suffers a fatal injury at sea. This compensation is provided through The Death on the High Seas Act.

Contact a Texas Maritime Lawyer for Help

Contacting a Texas maritime lawyer is the first step to fighting for your rights as an injured maritime worker. Your employer and the insurance company will do everything in their power to deny you a fair settlement for your injuries. You will need a bold and experienced maritime personal injury lawyer in your corner to get you the compensation that you deserve.

A Texas maritime lawyer understands the complex and extensive list of laws that pertain to ship and dock workers. Each type of worker is protected under specific maritime laws. Some workers are protected under multiple provisions.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act protects ship crewmembers and individuals who support water vessel operations, including mechanics, cargo loaders, pier workers, etc. The Jones Act protects crewmembers and workers who spend a significant portion of their work onboard.

A maritime lawyer can assess your unique circumstances and determine which laws specifically pertain to your case. This information will allow your lawyer to seek every source of compensation that you are due.

A maritime lawyer can also help with several aspects of your case, including gathering evidence, witness testimonies, and other documentation. Your lawyer can also handle all the stressful elements of your case, including dealing with your employer and the insurance company.

Willie D. Powells III fights hard for his clients in Brownsville and at all ports along the Gulf Coast. Willie D. Powells III is an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who is not afraid to pursue your case in a court of law.

Do not accept less than you deserve. Reach out to Houston’s choice for maritime personal injury law. You can contact Willie D. Powells III at 281-881-2457 or schedule a consultation online.

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